I am a fan of Rainbow Brite. But more than that, I am a fan of Rainbow Brite fans! Even though Rainbow Brite was a short-lived series from 30 years ago, fans are still keeping it alive. When reboots fail, and it seems like RB has been forgotten, the fans are there – ready to breathe new life into this colorful property. This is how I know that the rainbow will never truly fade. And this is why I started this site – dedicated to the fans, created by the fans.

To add your own creations to this site, click the Submit link above and follow the instructions. If you would like something of yours removed from the site, please email me and I will be happy to accommodate.

Not all submissions will be posted. I will use my discretion to maintain a quality, child-friendly site. But I am happy to review any and all submissions.

Thank you for your interest, and let’s keep this rainbow shining brite! 🙂

~Katy Cartee Haile~

PS. Big thanks to Leanne Hannah for the extremely awesome logo!

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