Rainbow Brite Saves Halloween

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Rainbow Brite Saves Halloween a fan fiction written by Katy Cartee Haile Brian awoke early on Halloween morning. He wanted to finish his paper route as quickly as possible so that he could put the finishing touches on his Halloween costume. He was dressing as his favorite, and sometimes not-so-favorite, villain, Murky Dismal. He knew that none of his friends would recognize this gloomy character, but he didn’t care. He laughed to himself every time he pictured the real Murky Dismal seeing someone else dressed in his clothes! But as dawn began to brighten the streets and houses on his route, he noticed something odd. The black and gray of Halloween decorations peppering the neighborhood looked as scary as ever. There were big black spiders guarding massive webs. There were spooky gravestones surrounded by skeletons. Translucent ghosts hung from trees. But something was missing. What was it? It took him only a moment to realize that it wasn’t an object that was missing, but a color! There was no orange! The Jack-O’-Lanterns, Halloween flags, mums, fall garlands and wreaths…even the leaves on the trees themselves had lost all of their orange! Instead, they looked gray and withered. It was a dim sight indeed. Brian had a good idea who was behind this color thievery, and knew exactly what he had to do. He finished his paper route in record time, rode home, grabbed a shiny rainbow key from a secret compartment in his room, and placed the key in his closet’s lock. He opened the door to make sure his connection to Rainbow Land was still working, and when he saw the bright rainbow rising before him, he whistled as loud as he could and called out “Puppy Brite!” As he waited for the dog to arrive, he scribbled a note to Rainbow Brite, telling her what had happened in his town. As soon as the pup appeared, he gave him a scratch on the head and said “Take this note to Rainbow Brite right away. It’s urgent!” Puppy Brite gave a bark of understanding, and bounded off again. Brian’s nearly-complete Murky Dismal costume lay on a chair nearby. He thought it might come in handy, so he hurriedly glued lightning bolts in their proper places, attached the cape, painted his face green and stuck on a fake mustache. Elsewhere in the town where Brian lived, the real Murky Dismal and his assistant, Lurky, were hiding behind some tall bushes. “I’m a genius!” shouted Murky, once his plan was complete. “These silly Earthlings put so much importance on color in their ridiculous holidays. Let’s see how they enjoy a gray Halloween! Hehe!” Back in Brian’s room, he was just about finished putting on his costume when he heard the sound of hooves coming from his closet. He opened the door just in time to see Rainbow Brite, Red Butler, Lala Orange and Canary Yellow hop off of Starlite’s back. “Murky!” cried Canary Yellow as she caught a glimpse of Brian. “Oh it’s just me!” said Brian. “It’s my Halloween costume!” he explained with a grin. “Well thank goodness for that!” sighed Rainbow Brite. “This room looks a bit small for me,” said Starlite. “I’ll go back to Rainbow Land and make sure that everything is in order. Call me...

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Rainbow Brite AMVs

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Sometimes fans create music videos using footage from Rainbow Brite. The results are fantastic 🙂 Here are several that I enjoy:            ...

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Weather Girl Rainbow Brite

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Have you ever wondered what Rainbow Brite would be like as a weather forecaster? Well wonder no longer! The answer is here. And it’s hilarious 🙂        ...

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Funny Videos

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I found a few short, funny Rainbow Brite related videos on Instagram and thought I would share them with you Color Kids 🙂   First, a little girl flies a vintage Rainbow Brite kite: Second, a girl sings and talks about her love for Rainbow Brite, with her Rainbow Brite doll: Third, a disappointed Rainbow Brite clad trick or treater gets no candy from the “wrong house” on Halloween: And fourth, a little girl dances to Bink Bonk:   🙂

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Heroes of Cosplay – Rainbow Brite

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Heroes of Cosplay’s Becky Young and Chloe Dykstra give Jacob Soboroff and Cara Santa Maria, a.k.a Rainbow Brite, the inside scoop on cosplay practices. You can see some behind-the-scenes shots of the costume, by the costume designer on Instagram...

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Girl Ice Skates to Rainbow Brite Music in Costume

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Check out this adorable ice skater! She skates to music from Rainbow Brite, while wearing a Rainbow Brite costume 🙂 Love it!!

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Mother and Daughter ask Santa for a Rainbow Brite Doll

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So this is just ADORABLE. In 1984, a little girl named Devon asked Santa for a Rainbow Brite doll for Christmas, and her family got it on tape: Now fast-forward 28 years to 2012, where Devon’s daughter gave Santa the same request 🙂 Parenting done right, folks! 😀

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Home Sweet Home

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Rainbow Brite: Home Sweet Home a 2001 fanfic by Katy Cartee Things had been quiet in Rainbow Land for months now. Surprisingly, Murky and Lurky seemed to be occupied with something, for they had not set foot in Rainbow Land since last fall. Things were running like clockwork in Rainbow Land. The Sprites were joyfully working in the mines, and the Color Kids had been doing a marvelous job of helping Rainbow keep things colorful. One day, Rainbow was sitting beside Rainbow Falls with a contemplative expression on her face. Red was in the area surveying some land and noticed Rainbow deep in thought. He couldn’t help but wonder what was on her mind, so he made his way over to her and inquired, “What in this universe could be so intriguing that it has captured the thoughts of Ms. Rainbow Brite?” Startled at first, she smiled up into the face of her dear friend Red and attempted to explain: “Red, don’t you ever wonder if there are more like us? It’s been so long since Lady Brite brought me here, i’m starting to forget what it was like away from Rainbow Land. And even before I came here I didn’t know all there was to know about what’s out there. I grew up on my home planet Prisma, and now i’m here. Other than Spectra, I don’t know what our universe has to offer! But it’s not even that really. Ever since I was old enough to know what it meant to long for something, I longed to come here. And i love it here Red…really I do. But there is still a small part of me that’s connected to Prisma. I’d kinda like to see it again, but just don’t know how I…” Red interrupted with “Rainbow, we all love you, you know that. And we love having you here. But if you feel the need to visit your home world, then go! You’ve trained us all very well. You know we can take care of things in your absence. And if we did need you, there’s always the rainbow signal that we can send to alert you. You’ve been working very hard Rainbow. Maybe it’s time you had a vacation.” She felt so relieved. She knew she needed to go home, but didn’t know how to tell the Color Kids. But Red had taken all of that pressure away from her. She thanked him greatly, packed her bags, and left the next day. “Have a good time!” yelled Patty as Rainbow climbed on Starlite’s back to leave. “Yeah! And bring us back some souvenirs!” said Buddy with a grin. “I’ll certainly try! Thank you all so much for allowing me to do this. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. Goodbye my friends! I’ll hurry back soon!” she said as she and Starlite galloped up the rainbow away from Rainbow Land. It took her two days to reach Prisma, stopping on Spectra for the night. Once her home planet was in view she got a strange feeling. It was like a mixture of nervousness and excitement. She didn’t know whether to laugh or to cower away. Starlite felt the discontentment in his friend and asked, “Rainbow, is something the matter?” “I don’t know Starlite....

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RockarikaturaZ Rainbow Brite Theme Song

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RockarikaturaZ made an updated version of the Rainbow Brite theme song, complete with video! Check it out! It sounds awesome 🙂

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Welcome to!

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Hello Color Kids! And welcome to This website, which is a subset of, is dedicated to Rainbow Brite’s fans. I’ll be using the blog portion of this site to post videos, fan fics, fan interviews and more. This site is for you, and by you, so let me know what you would like to see 🙂   As long as Rainbow Brite has fans, her rainbow will never truly fade.

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