Rainbow Brite AMVs

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

Sometimes fans create music videos using footage from Rainbow Brite. The results are fantastic 🙂 Here are several that I enjoy:            ...

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Weather Girl Rainbow Brite

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Have you ever wondered what Rainbow Brite would be like as a weather forecaster? Well wonder no longer! The answer is here. And it’s hilarious 🙂        ...

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Funny Videos

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I found a few short, funny Rainbow Brite related videos on Instagram and thought I would share them with you Color Kids 🙂   First, a little girl flies a vintage Rainbow Brite kite: Second, a girl sings and talks about her love for Rainbow Brite, with her Rainbow Brite doll: Third, a disappointed Rainbow Brite clad trick or treater gets no candy from the “wrong house” on Halloween: And fourth, a little girl dances to Bink Bonk:  ...

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Heroes of Cosplay – Rainbow Brite

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Heroes of Cosplay’s Becky Young and Chloe Dykstra give Jacob Soboroff and Cara Santa Maria, a.k.a Rainbow Brite, the inside scoop on cosplay practices. You can see some behind-the-scenes shots of the costume, by the costume designer on Instagram...

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Girl Ice Skates to Rainbow Brite Music in Costume

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Videos | 0 comments

Check out this adorable ice skater! She skates to music from Rainbow Brite, while wearing a Rainbow Brite costume 🙂 Love it!!

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Mother and Daughter ask Santa for a Rainbow Brite Doll

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So this is just ADORABLE. In 1984, a little girl named Devon asked Santa for a Rainbow Brite doll for Christmas, and her family got it on tape: Now fast-forward 28 years to 2012, where Devon’s daughter gave Santa the same request 🙂 Parenting done right, folks!...

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